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Shanghai, China.
Follow Me Int'l Exhibition (Shanghai), Inc. 
Shanghai Follow Me Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Room 708, 1525 Zhongshan Road (W), Shanghai 200235, China
Room 902, Building No.1, Hua Yi Plaza, 2020 Zhongshan Road (W), Shanghai 200235,China
Tel: +86-21-53893062
Fax: +86-21-64642653
For conference&service&cooperation: pennypeng@snec.org.cn

Follow Me Int'l Exhibition USA Inc.
Add: 2055 Junction Ave., Suite 225, San Jose, CA 95131
Tel/Fax: +1.408.434.1993
Contact: Mr. Peilin Tong / Mr. Peter Xu
E-mail: snecsneia168@126.com
Follow Me International Exhibition Limited
Add: 352 Tanglin Road #02-06, Singapore 247671
E-mail: office@apvia.org

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